"The beginning of this year I had decided to start working out. I was in a very dark place mentally and I had no ideas where to begin. The first two weeks of January I just went to the gym but honestly I felt lost.   3 months later my life has completely change and I can’t thank you enough for that! I’m in a much better place mentally and physically. It’s part of my life. 12 week plan showed me were to began step by step. Not one day did I think to quit because I didn’t feel lost I felt organized and determined.  I have one week left of it and I went from a 16-18 to a 13 and that’s honestly the most amazing feeling. Every question I had was answered even if it was a stupid question lol and I’m very thankful for that💕  I will continue my journey but I want you to know that you have help me change my life💕"

— Valerie C., 12 Week Program

I started my journey with Eliza back in August, I would always go to the gym but never knew what I was doing I would just would go do my cardio and basic work outs but never saw great result, Once I reached out to her about it I knew It wouldn’t be easy but it’s something I wanted and needed after getting married I let myself go so much, I was eating out allot and working full time and being a wife I didn’t have much time for anything or working out sometimes It even became an excuse for me but that is no excuse when you want something you will do I would wake up at 5am go to the gym and go to my job get off at 5:30 come home cook clean and go to sleep that was my routine but I did it I went from 168 down to about 155 pounds Everyone’s goal is different whether it’s loosing weight or gaining weight mine was a little bit of both but I was definitely happy with my result and Eliza’s support for always pushing me even when I felt like I couldn’t and wanted to give up I definitely recommend her to anybody best decision I made was starting this journey with her help 💖

— Cristal B., 12 Week Program

“In the beginning it was definitely a challenge, to do the workouts and be confident in myself. Eliza is amazing though, she will encourage you from beginning to end!! Seeing results just made me want to continue every day. Her workouts are 10/10! They will have your muscles sore and sweat till you can’t anymore lol. If you’re thinking of getting a personal trainer I say the time is now and the trainer is Eliza. You won’t regret it. The results I have now make me even more ambitious to continue, and I myself will definitely be coming back for more!”

— Elizabeth C., 2 Month Online Coaching

"So this is my story, I am a young mom of a 6 yr old boy and a wife. I let myself go because I got too comfortable in my marriage. My hubby loves me regardless of my lonjita (he calls them llantas). I called myself gordibuena making it okay in my mind, but sadly I was disappointed in myself. I didn't feel sexy, I'd hide under my clothes. I really got self-conscious when my sister in-laws moved in, they have great bodies. I was too hard on myself when I started. I was weighing in at 175, I thought how on earth is this possible. I got motivated I started my journey in Sept 2018. The lbs started coming off, I never really drank water, just Cokes. I started incorporating vegetables. I was at 168lbs when I started  Liza's challenge for 12 weeks. At first, I was like damn that's a long time, now I'm so proud. I've ran 2 5k's in my journey and am prepping for a 10K. I'm currently weighing in at 158.5 as of this morning. One of my biggest reason's for this change was my birthday and I was looking HOT, all thanks to the structure of Liza's program and my dedication.The program was easy at first I was like this isn't going to work but boy I was wrong towards the end of it I was dying. There were days I was not feeling it but my results were addictive. Sometimes I was mad during my workouts, I felt like I was going to max out. During my whole journey of 3 months, I lost 5 inches off of my waist! Liza is so helpful always gave me pointers about my form, very sweet. I honestly appreciate her attention and hope she continues improving peoples' lives. My jean size was embarrassing but I use to wear a 13, now I'm back in my Hollister 9's. My tummy has shrunk a lot but I am still going to keep going. I eventually want a 29 in the waist, I'm almost there."

— Maria L., 12 Week Program